PCB Performance
From development and
assembly to series production

Precision printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies

As a system supplier for innovative DMS solutions, we meet the most diverse requirements of our customers.

One of our core areas is the development and production of PCBs of the most diverse designs in terms of shape, size, material, and assembly for our customised D²MS solutions. Due to the high degree of specialisation in manual and automatic assembly, we are able to equip PCBs with a wide range of properties and adaptations that predestine them for an almost unlimited variety of applications and specific environments.

Whether single or double-sided designs, the production of multilayers, rigid-flex or flex PCBs or front panels with integrated components - our PCBs allow maximum freedom to meet customer requirements. This also applies to the use of a wide variety of materials and surfaces as well as final treatments such as potting, lacquering and printing.

We manufacture from prototypes to series. Cost optimisation and your satisfaction are important to us - whether a small series or larger quantities are required.

Our technologies: tried and tested, flexible and always state of the art


PCB development, design & data check

Depending on requirements, we offer, always with a view to cost optimisation and standards, the entire PCB development process up to series maturity: PCB new conception, PCB redesign, PCB layout, series optimisation and the definition/modification of components. We offer all services as a complete package or in partial steps according to customer requirements, naturally in mutual agreement.

  • New development
  • Redesign
  • Data check
  • Production optimisation

Procurement management

The heart of our procurement management is our component database with over 503 million components with associated specifications such as life cycle forecasts, alternatives, authorised distributors, environmental data, export control data, research service and much more. Together with our large stock of components in our consignment warehouse and the worldwide customer relationships we have built up over the years, there are no limits to our procurement management.

  • Worldwide material procurement
  • IHS BOM Intelligence component database
  • Rigid and flexible printed circuit boards
  • Active and passive components, mechanics, and accessories
  • Consignment store 
  • Over 30,000 articles in stock
  • Longstanding supplier relationship
  • Customer provision
  • Discontinuation information

Mechanical processing - from prototype to series production

We manufacture housings, front panels and mechanical parts for our mechatronic assemblies, devices and special developments using a flexible machine park of conventional and CNC processing machines based on 3D CAD/CAM data and 2D production drawings. Various heat and surface treatments complete our performance in mechanical processing.

PCB Segregation of benefits. . The mechanical processing of our PCBs, through-plated or non-through-plated, is CAM-controlled, on modern CNC special machines with the highest precision. We use notching for delivery blanks, because horizontally and vertically notched PCBs have the advantage that they can be broken apart very easily and quickly.

  • CNC/CAM precision machining
  • DrillingMilling
  • Notch
  • es
  • Saws
  • Bending

SMD automatic assembly

The assembly of PCBs with surface-mounted components such as resistors, microcontrollers, capacitors, etc., is carried out on 3 Siplance SMD assembly lines. This enables us to cover the entire component spectrum flexibly and to process even larger orders quickly and easily. ERP real-time order tracking and the networking of all machines with each other ensure a synchronous implementation of possible changes at all positions of the machining process.

Component spectrum in SMD assembly

  • Chip from 01005
  • Melf from 0102
  • All SO, SOT, PLCC
  • QFP up to 55 x 55 mm and pitch 0.4 mm
  • Connector
  • BGA
  • Flip chip components
  • Prototyping
  • Prototypes
  • Small, medium, and large series
  • Cleanroom component assembly, testing, and packaging

THT manual assembly

The manual assembly of special components for prototypes and small series is carried out efficiently and error-free by our meticulously working employees with many years of experience. Due to our selective soldering machine, standardised soldering is also possible for these hand-assembled components. This ensures uniform and constant heating as well as void-free soldering results through the use of vacuum in the soldering process. 100 per cent visual inspection and further sensory and electrical control stations and assembly tests are integrated into our zero-defect strategy.

  • Individual manual assembly
  • Dispensing machines
  • Prototyping
  • Prototypes
  • Small series
  • Cleanroom component assembly, testing, and packaging

SMD Prototyping

Speed is not witchcraft - with the right equipment and the periphery of effective SMD series production with all test and control facilities. With our Fritsch placeALL 620L placement machine, we are able to realise the prototype cycle of PCB design, production, and optimisation in series quality with fine-pitch components in just one day.

Component spectrum (line)

  • Chip from 01005
  • Melf from 0102
  • All SO, SOT, PLCC
  • QFP up to 200 x 110 mm and pitch 0.25 mm
  • Connector
  • BGA
  • Flip chip components
  • Cleanroom component assembly, testing, and packaging

Component spectrum (Fritsch placeALL)

  • Chip from 0201
  • Melf from 0102
  • All SO, SOT, PLCC
  • QFP up to 70 x 70 mm and pitch 0.3 mm
  • Connector
  • BGA
  • Flip chip components
  • Cleanroom component assembly, testing, and packaging

Soldering techniques

Our soldering techniques are designed for efficiency and functional safety. Thus, we are also able to realise leaded components lead-free or lead-containing, with our vacuum vapour phase soldering technology electrical components for the highly sensitive applications in medical technology as well as aerospace. Whether selective soldering, wave soldering, or our modern 12-zone reflow soldering system with nitrogen supply to prevent the oxidation process on assemblies, as well as integrated AOI quality control - we guarantee optimum process reliability for years to come.

  • Production class IPC 1 / 2 / 3 (medical sector)
  • Leaded components lead-free or lead-containing
  • Wave soldering
  • Selective soldering
  • Vacuum Vapour Phase Soldering 
  • Individual hand soldering

Passivation, washing, lacquer, potting, printing

Electronic components, assemblies and devices must function perfectly and for years, even under a wide variety of outdoor conditions, in order to ensure trouble-free operation of the electronics. Interference factors such as vibrations and shocks, e.g., in the automotive industry as well as electrical interference and ionising radiation in the aerospace industry have a negative impact on the reliable functioning of electronics. With our professional all-round protection package, we ensure years of reliable functioning.

  • Pickling degreaser
  • Indium bath
  • Direct metallisation
  • Zinc-nickel, copper alloy bath, immersion bath
  • 7-programme component ultrasonic cleaning
  • Selective or complete spray painting with protective lacquers and resins
  • Nanocoating with Certonal
  • Casting with reactive resins: silicone, polyurethane, epoxy resins
  • Screen printing, pad printing
Clean room production ISO class 5

We can assemble, test and package complex modules and systems in a fully air-conditioned clean room as well as an ISO class 5 clean room. Our clean room processes prevent the influence of disruptive particles and guarantee high functionality and an extremely low risk of failure. You can rely on that.

The process technology for components and assemblies in the highly critical areas of medical technology and aerospace is carried out by specially trained specialist teams in our ISO Class 5 clean room. This guarantees the trouble-free function of your electronic products perfectly and for years, even under the most diverse external conditions. Interference factors such as vibrations and shocks, e.g., in the automotive industry as well as electrical interference and ionising radiation in aerospace have a negative impact on the reliable functioning of the electronics.

  • ISO Class 5 clean room
  • Fully air-conditioned clean room
  • Preventive and de facto reduction of airborne particles
  • Manufacturing according to DIN ISO 13485 for medical devices
  • Assembly, testing, packaging under controlled conditions
  • Maximum functional reliability
  • Minimisation of error rates
  • Cost savings due to possible rework
Electronic assemblies

The assembly of electronic components requires the highest precision and reliability. This already begins with the selection of materials and only ends with the careful cleaning of the components and assemblies, the final inspection and release. We at EPSa are fully aware of this responsible task and through our certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as DIN EN ISO 13485 certifications in medical technology, we ensure that the highest standards of functionality are always implemented at our Company. In addition to the assembly, testing, and shipping of our electronic assemblies in our clean room and ISO Class 5 clean room, we naturally procure all components worldwide or from suppliers of your choice.

  • Production from the individual item to the serie
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards manually as well as automatically in THT/SMD technology
  • Sample construction, prototypes
  • Clean room production ISO class 5
  • Production in a fully air-conditioned clean room
  • Processing of provided material 
  • Integration of mechanical components
  • Special procurement of discontinued components 
Quality assurance / testing technology

"Zero defects" - with this strategy, our certified quality management is completely geared towards maximum customer satisfaction. In addition to ongoing investments in state-of-the-art testing technologies, regular employee training and audits are part of our Made in Germany quality promise. Our quality management system includes, among other things, the evaluation and inspection of our suppliers, contract review prior to order acceptance, preparation, evaluation and control of production instructions, material incoming quality control, continuous checks during ongoing production as well as functional tests, final inspection, and well-maintained customer service.

  • Incoming goods inspection
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOi)
  • 3D X-ray inspection (AXI)
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Boundary Scan Test
  • Active and passive burn-in test (climate and stress test)
  • Cable and back panel test
  • System check PC-supported and manual
  • Safety test according to MED standard
  • Testing in clean room ISO class 5
Supply Chain Management

Logistics worldwide on demand - our regional and international supplier network in a wide range of industries guarantees, in interaction with our extensive storage in the consignment warehouse, the procurement of even electronic parts that have become rare in the shortest possible time. IT systems, comprehensive quality assurance and our many years of experience in material procurement, production and optimised supply chain management are the basis for realistic cost planning and reliable delivery reliability.

  • Consignment stock contracts
  • Individual framework agreements
  • Stockpiling
  • Delivery worldwide
  • Delivery at the desired date
  • Delivery Kanban and Just-in-Time
Obsolescence management

EPSa obsolescence management is based on the strategic partnership with you and our partners and covers the entire life cycle of your products. To ensure this, our obsolescence management system already takes effect with new developments of our DMS products. In increasingly volatile and dynamic times, there are more and more market risks for which a structured obsolescence management process is required to protect your products from failure risks such as the growing number of discontinuations and the associated loss of production due to missing components.
Our obsolescence management is the safest way to ensure your product's long-term lifecycle and protect you from stock-outs. You have real-time, remote access to your components at any point during storage to monitor stock levels.

  • Safe warranty of software & hardware components
  • IHS BOM Intelligence component database with over 503 million components
  • Worldwide supplier relationship
  • Comprehensive spare parts management
  • Stocking of over 30,000 standard and customer components
  • Most extensive planning security
  • Discontinuation of components

Consignment store

As a long-standing, nationally and internationally established DMS service provider, we know the electronics market and the associated production fluctuations. Thanks to our global inventory management with a rich consignment stock for our PCB and DMS series production, we can stock your electronic components in our central warehouse and ship them immediately if required. This saves you valuable floor space as well as storage costs and reduces your investment risk.

  • Immediate component availabilit
  • Limited investment risk
  • Low capital commitment
  • No logistical risks
  • No investment in own warehouse and personnel
  • No problems due to customs formalities
Quality and warranty

Quality Made in Germany - not an empty promise for us, but the consistent continuation from the electronics sector of the world-famous Jenoptik Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH. The consistent avoidance and elimination of errors and sources of error is the basis of our quality policy with the goal: zero errors! In all areas of development up to after sales service. Together with our warranties according to customer-specific quality standards, we ensure good cooperation for years to come..

Quality systems according to:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 2015
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 (product-related)
  • Visual inspection, AOI
  • Electrical test / flying probe test
  • Special tests according to customer specifications
  • Ensuring customer-specific quality standards


Warehouse & Delivery Logistics

The worldwide procurement of components by means of our IHS BOM INTELLIGENCE component database comprising over 503 million components, a global network of suppliers as well as our comprehensive component stock in the consignment warehouse of customer-specific components enable us to realise orders in the shortest possible time. In combination with peniber final inspection as well as our EDP-supported shipping with our own vehicles, logistics shippers and air freight, we are a reliable partner with the goal: maximum customer satisfaction.

  •  IHS BOM INTELLIGENCE component database with over 503 million compoents
  • Proven global procurement network
  • Customs clearance import/export
  • High stock levels of standard components
  • Consignment stock contracts
  • Detailed product and packaging labelling
  • Worldwide, EDP-supported shipping logistics
Certifications and approvals

Sustainability, quality, and occupational safety are of paramount importance at EPSa. Therefore, our Company is certified according to relevant quality and management systems and is committed to the most relevant quality, environmental and safety standards. Regular employee training and audits ensure compliance at all levels of the Company.

  • DIN EN 9001: 2015 (quality management)
  • DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management)
  • DIN EN ISO 13485 (medical device manufacturing)
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 (product-related)
  • IATF 16949
  • QAB report (quality deviation report) in running production
  • 8D report in the event of a complaint
  • Medical technology: CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Actions)
  • Automotive: IMDS entries (International Material Data System)
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