EPSa Prototyping
We offer more
than "just" 3D printing

Sampling, prototypes, small series

Discover our possibilities! As a system provider for DMS design and manufacturing, we specialise in sampling, 1:1 prototypes as well as pre-series and small series with the entire workflow for software and hardware for electronic parts, components, and finished devices.

Our Worklow, highly flexible and individually designed to customer requirements

1. Concept

  • FMEA product/material analysis
  • Product specification
  • Ergonomics study

2. Industrial design

  • First design phase
  • 3D CAD data
  • Basic technical solutions
  • Revised design phase
  • 3D CAD data
  • Sophisticated technical detail solutions
  • Housing structure
  • Assembly process
  • Previous model

3. Engineering

  • Design and technology solutions
  • 3D CAD data
  • Model function
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Completion process 
  • Mold flow analysis

4. Rapid prototyping

  • 1:1 Design prototype

5. Tool & mould making

  • Development and production of moulds with aluminium inserts

6. Mechanical processing

  • Enclosure construction
  • Front panel processing
  • Mechanical components
7. PCB performance
  • PCB development
  • SMD/THT assembly
8. Production
  • Prototyping
  • Clean room class 5
  • Electronic control
  • Function check
  • Documentation

Electronic components, assemblies and devices with additive, mechanical and PCB components.

Here are some examples from the medical, industrial, agricultural and consumer sectors where additive and mechanical manufacturing and PCB technology have been used.

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