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As a long-established DMS service provider with a focus on medical and laboratory technology as well as automotive, industrial automation and traffic engineering, we develop and manufacture electronic and mechatronic assemblies and systems according to your specific requirements. Our expertise in software, hardware, electronics, and PCB technology as well as component assembly with all product-specific tests and documentation makes us a development, manufacturing and service partner for well-known OEM equipment manufacturers and component suppliers. With our experienced and highly motivated employees, we develop and produce customer-specific PCBs and electronic assemblies, mechatronic components, devices, and systems in ready-to-install sub-steps or completed ready for sale.

Although we would be happy to show you customer solutions from our long list of successful products, as a trustworthy OEM partner we feel obliged to maintain confidentiality towards our customers.

Our OEM services

  • Advice and inspiration
  • Engineering and construction
  • Development of product-specific software
  • PCB development and SMD/THT assembly
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Worldwide component procurement management
  • Mechanical finishing
  • Mechatronic components and assemblies
  • Electronic and mechatronic devices ready for sale
  • Consideration of product-specific regulations
  • Electrical and mechanical tests 
  • Standard-compliant documentation


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