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Our employees are the basis for our success

Since the foundation of our Company more than 110 years ago, our staff has grown steadily and today we have around 200 employees. Without them, their know-how and commitment, we would not be where we are today. The focus of all their actions and activities is the customer, for whom we give our best performance every day anew.

In everything we do to serve customer satisfaction, productivity, and competitiveness, we never lose sight of the decisive factor for success: the people in our Company and their creative power. Their thoughts and actions shape the image of EPSa. With our customers in mind, they strive to fulfil their diverse requirements and wishes in electronics design and manufacturing to the best of their ability.

We are reliable

What is most important to us? That the employees act independently, that they are responsible and stand by their tasks. In a company like EPSa, where everyone still knows everyone else, good cooperation and trust are important and, above all, meeting discussed deadlines, regardless of one's role in the Company.

We are creative and open to solutions

We start with customer-specific tasks, which are as varied as our customers. They come to us with ideas, finished products, samples, drawings or even completely finished data sets. Every order confronts us with a different task. Through the creative interaction of our specialised teams, we always find a feasible solution that helps us and the customer to move forward..

We are team players

What is special about working at EPSa is the open-mindedness of the people and their willingness to pass on information and knowledge. One advantage is the short, unbureaucratic lines of communication. Regardless of whether you are a member of the management or a trainee: everyone meets at eye level, appreciates plain speaking and open words - our key to productive cooperation.

We are quality conscious

The employees in production and assembly are involved in the development of new products and help to further optimise work processes and improve functional details. As a team, they look after our products from production and assembly to test runs and delivery. Our quality work is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers - we are proud of that.

We are EPSa

At EPSa we have a good mix of staff in terms of age, experience, and background. What they all have in common is their daily commitment to making the best of everything at work. It is particularly important that the employees are open to new things and act and work on their own responsibility, actively tackling things and looking for the best solution. Even if you have made a mistake, you stand by it - because that is part of your personal development.

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