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Standard was yesterday, today innovations count

Together with you, we will find forward-looking solutions! As your strong, innovative, and reliable DMS full-service partner, we support you in the realisation of your electronics project thanks to years of experience, excellent expertise, and modern technologies. Our teams of software and hardware engineers and technicians develop visions, technical solutions and product ideas that go beyond the tried and tested for companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries.

At EPSa, we are the architects for electronic products of today and tomorrow.

Our DMS innovation focus:

Identifying innovation potential in the electronics sector

Assessing the feasibility of our electronics developments

The development of customised individual and series electronic products

The development of customised special developments for manufacturing, assembly, and quality testing

Consulting & Knowledge Transfer

Do you want to reduce your costs, streamline existing processes, and stay one step ahead of the competition? So, what to do?

Our suggestion: Take advantage of our consulting expertise and inspiration, which will keep you ahead of your competitors in the long term. We have been involved in the development and production of electromechanical components, including software and hardware, for over 110 years and would be happy to share the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gained from this with you, with expert analyses, objective assessments and above all: with individual solutions.

  • Objective project consulting
  • Holistic sustainability consulting
  • DMS Design and Manufacturing
  • PCB technology
  • Controls in the IIoT and Edge Computing Environment
  • Digital Signage
  • Telematic systems
  • Sensor technology

Development & Engineering

Today more than ever, project development and engineering require an agile, specialised approach, placing high, often interdisciplinary demands on the development team. The EPSa development and engineering team combines a solid technical background with extensive practical experience in the development of individual software and hardware to realise customer requirements in a creative and practical way.

We are open to everything and look forward to getting to know your task. Get in touch with us.

  • Specification and conception
  • Customer-related algorithms and software developmen
  • Customer-related algorithms and software development
  • Mechanical CAD/CAM design
  • Manufacturing and functional simulation
  • Drive, control, and regulation technology
  • Electrical and electronic project planning
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Documentation

Software & Firmware

When developing individual application software and device-internal firmware (operating software), we offer comprehensive advice and knowledge in required programming languages and technologies, backend systems as well as communication interfaces - always with a view to what is technically sensible and feasible. The seamless interaction of our experts in software development, design and usability enables us to develop innovative, reliable and easy-to-use, future-proof software and firmware.

  • New development of individual software
  • Software redesign and modernisation
  • Firmware upgrades
  • All programming languages in use
  • Control, automation, and assembly solutions
  • Implementation of databases
  • Connection to the customer's own merchandise management systems

Test Engineering

In addition to mechanical engineering and design, we develop product-specific software tests from the analysis of the test basis, test, and test step development as well as test execution with the creation of a detailed test report. To ensure traceability, the derived test cases in the areas of electronics, PCB technology and mechatronics are linked to efficient specification elements (e.g., use cases, business rules).

  • Test analysis
  • Requirements specifications
  • Test design
  • Test implementation
  • Definition and preparation of the test data
  • Ensuring traceability (traceability)

Electromechanical modules, devices & complex systems

As a DMS system service provider, we not only offer our customers a comprehensive assembly and completion service for the products we manufacture, but also individual software development, engineering, design and the mechanical production of terminal devices and complex functional systems from quantity 1 to series production. Functional, product-specific assembly stations and our trained assembly teams allow even complex assembly work to be carried out in a short time, including functional tests according to customer specifications.

  • Development and construction
  • Individual software development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Partial and ready-to-install complete assembly
  • Quantity 1 to series
  • Electrical and mechanical function tests
  • On-site assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and repair

Special developments - we are open for everything!

Testing technology, assembly technology, machine/plant construction and more...

Our expertise in development, design, software development, mechanical production, mechatronics, and assembly means that our portfolio of mechatronic components, assemblies and special machines is virtually unlimited. At EPSa, we see the experience of our employees and the extensive equipment of conventional and CNC processing machines as a particular advantage.

  • Advice and inspiration
  • Detailed CAD design (in SolidWorks)
  • Software development and programming
  • NC programme creation with the latest CAD and CAM software
  • All CNC machining options
  • Eroding, countersinking, and wire cutting
  • Heat treatment incl. all hardening processes
  • Surface finishing, lacquering
  • Partial and complete assemblies
  • Electrical and functional tests
  • Detailed parts lists and documentation
  • On-site assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and After Sales Service
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