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In line with the digital zeitgeist, mobile people today expect up-to-date, networked information that is available at all times. Whether monitor-based guidance and orientation systems at airports, railways or in shopping centres, universities, public authorities, or conference centres. Digital signage, e-posters in advertising, terminals for sales support, customer, and employee information systems - our digital signage systems improve and accelerate communication with travellers, customers, visitors, and employees.

With our intuitive digital signage software, you manage all content from a central location. This saves time and money. Our products are designed for 24/7 continuous operation and all-weather use.

From planning, production to assembly - everything from a single source

Our team of developers, designers and technicians supports you from the first consultation, the development of individual software as well as the production up to on-site assembly and after-sales service.

Our services for digital, monitor-­based advertising and information systems

  • Advice and inspiration
  • Hardware and software from a single source
  • Tailor-made complete solutions
  • Digital, monitor-based
  • Freely configurable
  • Suitable for indoor and all-weather use
  • Vandal-proof
  • 24/7 continuous operation
  • Payment systems
  • On-site assembly
  • After-sales service

Application examples

  • Text information, films, advertisements
  • Digital signage at universities, authorities, conference centres
  • Information boards at bus terminals, train stations, shopping centres, retail outlets, airports, etc.
  • E-posters and terminals for sales support
  • Customer and employee information systems 
  • and much more


Passenger information display systems

Discover the future of passenger information systems with our dynamic solutions built specifically for your needs!

Our custom-developed passenger information systems offer you an innovative and effective way to inform your passengers and provide them with a first-class experience. Whether you operate a transport company, an airport, a shopping mall or a public building, our solutions seamlessly adapt to your requirements.

With our dynamic passenger information systems, you can inform your passengers in real time about departure times, delays, detour and other important information. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies, we ensure that your passengers are always up to date.

Our systems offer a variety of display options, including TFT monitors, LCD displays, and even interactive touchscreens. You can customize the content to suit your requirements, allowing you to showcase your brand or display promotional messages. By doing so, you not only create an enhanced passenger experience, but also an additional revenue stream.

We also provide user-friendly software that lets you easily manage and update your content. You can create schedules, plan messages, and even integrate real-time data from third-party providers. This gives you full control over your passenger information.

Our experienced team of professionals is here to help you throughout the entire process - from design and development to installation and maintenance. We work closely with you to ensure that your individual requirements are met and that you achieve the best possible result.

EPSa info terminal for municipal and tourist information

The smart solution for regional information on mobility, tourism, and events - interactive and multimedia-based With our unique EPSa Infoterminal, we offer municipalities the opportunity to provide their citizens and tourists with all the information relevant to them digitally and interactively. The attractive info terminal uses a 32-inch monitor as a dynamic departure display, which can also be used for advertisements or municipal information, as well as a large 46-inch touch-sensitive info screen for interactive map displays. In addition to searching for public transport routes, the info screen can be used to check the status of rental vehicles, bike/car sharing, e-charging stations, etc., as well as information on POIs such as sights, restaurants, and accommodation in other menus. These information terminals will bring about a considerable improvement in the provision of information for tourists and citizens. .


  • Unique in design and functionality
  • Interactive and multimedia
  • Barrier-free use
  • Individually configurable
  • Route planner with interactive map displays
  • Representation of:
    • Mobile services (e.g., Park&Ride, bike/car sharing, e-charging stations, etc.)
    • Places of interest, Point of interests, Tourist information
    • Guide function, automatically calculated route to destination with public transport to POIs etc.
    • Events
  • Complete monitoring by EPSa possible. Statistics, etc. are forwarded to municipalities
  • NFC reader: communicates with compatible cards and devices, e.g., reading e-tickets

Technical details

  • High-quality aluminium cladding - natural or powder-coated in all RAL colours 
  • Meets all conditions for wind and snow load standards
  • IP54 certified
  • Low power consumption, 250W, thus low operating costs, less than 1.000,- EUR per year due to
  • intelligent dimming function, proximity sensor, standby mode
  • Temperature resistant: - 25 to + 45 degrees - Intelligent climate control
  • Vandalism-proof, alarm function
  • Telephone conversation connection with supervisor possible
  • Attractive LED design lighting
  • Fixed or mobile version as WLAN terminal possible
  • Service and maintenance friendly

Discover the municipal and tourist information possibilities of our intelligent EPSa info terminal.

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