EPSa Performance
in Agriculture

Fertilising, sowing, mowing, harvesting

Modern electronics and sensor technology are now firmly established in outdoor farming in tractors and machines for soil cultivation, mowing, fertilising, sowing, and harvesting, and in indoor farming in milking and feeding machines. It is subject to harsh operating conditions and large breaks in use during the seasons. In addition, farm data, the use of fertilisers, crop yields and much more must be accessible to farm management and easily stored and processed in a time-saving manner.

As an established DMS service provider with many years of expertise in electronics, software, and hardware, we manufacture electronic and mechatronic assemblies for manufacturers and OEM service providers as well as specialised sensor technology for silage analysis, for slurry discharge as well as energy values of the forage and telemetry logistics systems that meet all the requirements of advanced agricultural technology.

EPSa sensors

One of the main advantages of near-infrared (NIR) technology over conventional chemical methods of laboratory analysis is the immediate availability of measured values in real time. Furthermore, within the framework of AP22+ and society's demand for ever "greener" agriculture, it is to be expected that this technology will be increasingly in demand on farms.

Advantages / Application

  • Dairy industry
  • Agricultural quality/spectroscopy
  • Control and analysis of silage/span>
  • Analysis of the composition of liquid manure
  • Information on the content of dry matter, starch, crude protein, crude fibre, neutral and acid detergent fibre, sugar, and crude ash. 
  • Energy values of forage stands
  • Immediate availability of the measured values in real time


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