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Customised development & manufacturing

For electronic and mechatronic components, assemblies and end devices, professional and conscientious planning, implementation, and follow-up are the key to a successful project. Our goal is to produce a series-optimised, sustainable, and risk-minimised end product as a prototype or series that meets the desired requirements in all areas. Whether PCB technology or mechanical production with our modern machinery - our qualified staff will pre-assemble your ready-to-install assembly or end device as far as you wish - as a prototype and in series. In the process, we control and monitor production by means of our established, certified project management and, if you wish, keep you up to date with weekly status reports.

Our decades of experience with customer projects create the expertise for reliable and structured assembly and device manufacturing to list, plan, manufacture and deliver your individual requirements and problems precisely and sustainably in parts and resource lists.

Assembly technology

We not only manufacture individual parts, but also complete assemblies for you as a system supplier! As a system service provider in the field of electronics manufacturing, we produce electronic and mechatronic assemblies, devices, and systems for a wide range of requirements and operating conditions. Assembly is carried out by our specialised assembly teams as prototypes, as reliably as in small and larger series. Customers from industry and OEM benefit from both the know-how and the experience of a full-service electronics and mechatronics provider.

  • Individual development of electronic and mechatronic assemblies
  • Mechanical assembly by means of individual assembly jigs
  • Clean room assembly ISO class 5
  • Assembly in fully air-conditioned clean room
  • Manufacturing according to DIN ISO 13485 for medical devices
  • Assembly, testing, shipping under controlled conditions
  • Electronics and function tests according to customer specifications
  • On-site assembly
  • Commissionin

Mechanics and mechatronics

With our efficient mechanical production with conventional and CNC machines, we can implement your specific requirements for electromechanical components, modules, devices, and complex functional systems quickly and flexibly. Combining engineering, individual software development and cable assembly, we supply you with suitable mechatronic solutions, specially tailored to customer requirements - promptly, partially, or ready for installation in the highest precision.

  • New development
  • Redesign
  • Data check
  • Production optimisation

Rapid prototyping

With rapid prototyping, EPSa offers an interesting additional service that goes beyond pure additive manufacturing processes (3D printing) - almost unlimited freedom in development and design. Whether product-specific material selection, economic alternatives of finishing or the finished assembly of subassemblies - we support every idea, no matter how "impossible" it may seem, with SLS and SLM solutions and passionately take care of its realisation. This reduces the development risk and cuts development and production time and, of course, costs in our interest and in the interest of the customer.

  • Fast production directly with supplied digital 3D data
  • Cost advantages through tool-free production
  • Cost advantages due to reduction of components in an assembly group
  • Minimised risk management
  • Project-related material selection
  • Validation and test
  • Documentation

Sampling, prototypes, and small series:

Clean room production ISO class 5

We can assemble, test and package complex modules and systems in a fully air-conditioned clean room as well as an ISO class 5 clean room. Our clean room processes prevent the influence of disruptive particles and guarantee high functionality and an extremely low risk of failure. You can rely on that. The process technology for components and assemblies in the highly critical areas of medical technology and aerospace is carried out by specially trained specialist teams in our ISO Class 5 clean room. This guarantees the trouble-free function of your electronic products perfectly and for years, even under the most diverse external conditions. Interference factors such as vibrations and shocks, e.g., in the automotive industry, as well as electrical interference and ionising radiation in aerospace have a negative impact on the reliable functioning of the electronics.

  • ISO Class 5 clean room
  • Fully air-conditioned clean room
  • Preventive and de facto reduction of airborne particles
  • Manufacturing according to DIN ISO 13485 for medical devices
  • Assembly, testing, packaging under controlled conditions
  • Maximum functional reliability
  • Minimisation of error rates
  • Cost savings due to possible rework

Industrial electronics / automation

We are a competence partner for individual electronic solutions in the field of IIoT and edge computing. With outstanding expertise and many years of experience in software and hardware development, we develop innovative products such as application software including cloud services in close partnership with our customers. And in communication: intuitive control panels with digital signage, connection of interfaces and control technology, fieldbus, networks and OPCUA, remote access, Bluetooth and mesh products and we take care of the implementation of interfaces and control technology.

  • Software and hardware from a single source
  • Development of individual industrial software, firmware
  • Intuitive control panels 
  • Digital signage information systems
  • Connection of interfaces and control technology
  • Fieldbus, networks and OPCUA
  • Remote Access 
  • Bluetooth and mesh products 

Digital information systems

One of our specialities are digital, monitor-based advertising and information systems. They are as versatile as their possible applications. Whether at airports or in shopping centres, in universities, public authorities or conference centres. Digital signage, e-posters in advertising, terminals for sales support, customer, and employee as well as tourist information systems - with our innovative digital signage in-house and customer developments, we are among the leading providers.

  • Tailor-made complete solutions
  • Smart device control through individual software solution
  • Individual and series production
  • Intelligent touch display solutions
  • High-quality LED technology
  • Good legibility even in sunlight
  • Quiet-running long-life fan systems
  • Robust all-weather design
  • Assembly on site
  • Maintenance and repair service

Switch cabinet construction

Whether transportable small systems, series cabinets or complete control cabinet systems - as an electronic manufacturing services provider we work with a high vertical range of manufacture in our Company, which also includes individual, customer-specific control cabinets. Our qualified electrical engineers, electrical technicians, master electricians and skilled workers ensure, on the one hand, the creative implementation of wiring and circuit board layouts and, on the other hand, the assembly and professional wiring of power and control technology switchgear relating to automation and control.

  • In-house production of switchgear, distribution boards and control panels
  • Individual planning with EPLAN CAD software
  • Conversion and expansion of existing plants
  • Installation of specific and tested components
  • Consideration of supplier regulations
  • Tests/measurements in accordance with BGVA3 for fixed and mobile switchgears
  • Network/Ethernet installation
  • Fieldbus installation and testing
  • Standard-compliant documentation
Cable assembly

EPSa has also the right cables for you
With our custom-fit solutions for cable harnesses and systems, we complete our electromechanical components and devices on the one hand, and on the other hand, we manufacture them to customer order, individually and in series. The focus here is on flexible and economical production as well as trouble-free function under a wide range of stresses and environmental influences. Thanks to our assembly team with many years of experience, we are one of the leading suppliers of cable systems for a wide variety of applications and of any complexity.

In cable assembly, we are "open for everything". Thanks to our flexible vertical range of manufacture with all the possibilities of connector assembly, we also serve niche industries with special areas of application. Contact us, we are sure to find the right solution for your requirements.

Our industry focus:

  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace technology
  • Information technology
  • Sensors
  • OEM service provider
  • Special applications

Cables and conduit systems:

  • Flat ribbon cables
  • Hybrid cable
  • Spiral and reversible cables

Our services:

  • Consulting, development, and packaging
  •  Production according to IPC/WHMA-A-620B
  •  Cable harnesses, cable sets, high-voltage cables (up to 30 kV)
  •  Shielded data lines
  •  Crimp technology and IDC insulation displacement technology
  •  Plug-in, clamp, and press connections
  •  Dip, piston, and special soldering
  •  Individual production and series
  •  Process documentation and batch traceability

Your requirement is not listed? Our sales team is sure to find the right cable solution for you!

Testing technology

The EPSa test laboratories offer you comprehensive testing technology to avoid field and early failures. In this way, we effectively reduce the time and costs involved in process monitoring. We test components for highly sensitive areas such as medical technology and aerospace in an ISO Class 5 clean room. If required, we will work with you to develop a test strategy tailored to your product and advise you on its implementation.

  • 100% Optical inspection
  • Active and passive burn-in test (climate and stress test)
  • Cable and back panel tests
  • System testing PC-supported and manually, e.g., for telematics systems
  • Safety test according to MED standard
  • Special mechanical and electronic tests according to customer requirements
  •  EPSa PCB AOi testing technology
On-site assembly

We do not leave you alone after the delivery of our products! As a long-established DMS system service provider, we are also your contact for the assembly and commissioning of our mechatronic components, devices, and systems. Our mobile assembly teams made up of specialists in mechatronics and controls ensure the mechanical and control integration into existing production and assembly lines as well as commissioning and careful instruction of the operating personnel.

  • Installation and assembly of individual components, assemblies, and systems
  • Mechanical and control integration into existing production line
  • Installation and wiring of field devices
  • Peripheral and I/O tests of your plant
  • Commissioning and creation of measurement protocols
  • Instruction of the operating personnel
  • Services and maintenance 
After Sales Service

The satisfaction of our customers is based on the one hand, on the quality of our products and, on the other, on competent, courteous service. Since our products are also used in sensitive areas, we have developed customised service packages based on actual customer requirements. We also offer our customers tried-and-tested solutions for maintenance & repair, spare parts management, software maintenance and redesign or product succession.

  • Modification
  • Upgrading
  • Repair
  • BGA Reballing
Life Cycle Support

We offer you the LCS services for your EPSa software and hardware products that are precisely tailored to your needs. Whether it is maintenance, repair, or the provision of original spare parts, we provide comprehensive after-sales support with or without a maintenance contract. Our LCS experts are always at your side and translate your goals and wishes into the optimal LCS solutions for perfect performance throughout the entire service life of your equipment and systems.

  • Inspection and overhaul
  • In-house and on-site services / repair
  • Retrofits / Conversions / Modification
  • BGA Reballing
  • Upgrades
  • Original spare parts
  • Continuous updating to the latest state of the art
  • Individual maintenance and service contracts
  • Transparent life cycle costs
  • Planning security through fixed budgets
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