EPSa Performance
in Communication
and Telematics

Locate, record, inform, optimise

In the field of communication systems and telematics, we are one of the pioneers for data provision and monitoring of mobile and stationary assets. Benefit from over 25 years of experience in these areas of modern digital communication.

Our modern communication systems, as a "central nervous system", enable companies, municipalities, and private individuals in diverse areas of smart industry, construction, agriculture, logistics and production, as well as in employee communication, to significantly increase efficiency and create value.

The secure interaction of man, machine, automaton, mobility, network, and environment therefore requires a new type of highly dynamic management of the resources used for storage, computing power and data transmission. Only in this way can the communication systems of the future be sufficiently reliable, safe, and fast and ensure the special protection of highly sensitive personal data for companies, communities, and individuals.

Our GNNS-based positioning communication and telematics systems are individually designed in software and hardware, using AI, digital signage, and sensor technology, to meet the requirements of professional cross-sector users in live time. Ask us, we develop, with software and hardware, the right communication solution for you!

Our advantages from a single source

  • Advice and knowledge transfer
  • Software and hardware development
  • Sensor technology and development


  • High-performance radio interfaces in terms of data rate, spectrum utilisation, reliability, latency, and energy consumption 
  • Monitoring of functions, filling quantities, properties, and quality
  • Environmental data collection
  • Warning and information provision
  • Employee communication
  • Fleet and vehicle fleet management
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