Testing technology

Gain valuable time while ensuring product quality

EPSa’s testing laboratories provide comprehensive testing technology to avoid field and premature failures. Reduce the time and cost involved in process monitoring. We can test components in an ISO class 5 clean room. If required, we can work with you to develop a test strategy customised to your product, and can advise you on the development of an appropriate test circuit.


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Avoid field and premature failures using refined testing procedures
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • X-ray testing
  • In-circuit testing, prototype development
  • Flying Probe testing
  • Boundary Scan testing
  • Active and passive Burn-in testing (climate and stress testing)
  • Cable and back panel tests
  • System testing, both PC-supported and manually, e.g. for telematics systems
  • Safety testing according to the medical norm
  • Test house (testing equipment construction, test program generation as services provided)
  • Circuit programming, on board and with programming devices