Circuit board assembly

We process large series. And individual parts.

EPSa fits rigid-flex boards, metal core circuit boards, ceramic plates, glass plates, ELL, DKL and MLL. In all these cases, SMT and THT assembly by EPSa gives you the advantage of great flexibility and excellent technical equipment.


Efficient quality assurance is ensured by optical testing of manufacturing quality as early as during the component assembly. Whether for large series production of assembled circuit boards or for individual special components, you can rely on the highest quality standards.


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Up-to-the-minute SMT assembly

For large-scale orders with a tight schedule, our three Siplace lines with a high assembly rate per hour mean that you will be in excellent hands. We use these to assemble series components for you.


12-zone reflow ovens for standardised soldering and controlled cooling of SMT-assembled components as well as modern steam phase soldering of particularly bulky and demanding flat modules enable production with a low reject rate. The possibility of adhesive fixation means that double-sided circuit board fitting also presents no problem.

We are also proficient in the classic version

In the case of conventional THT assembly, with EPSa you can rely on the same high production speed and precision. Three THT assembly machines (DIP, radial and axial) enable an almost completely automatic process.


We can provide state of the art wave soldering of wired component parts for you, either leaded or unleaded, in our double shaft soldering plants. For special components, precise manual work by experienced EPSa employees guarantees quick and precise results. Our selective soldering machine enables standardised soldering even for these hand-placed components. The use of a vacuum in the soldering process guarantees even and consistent warming and cavity-free soldering results.

Quality assurance ensures product quality

The intensive visual testing of manufacturing quality ensures that you will have a consistently high product quality. Measures such as X-ray inspections, examinations under the microscope (including BGA) and AOI (automatic optical inspection) ensure a considerably reduced reject rate.


Circuit board measurements for automatic assembly
  • SMT assembly up to 508 x 610 mm²
  • THT assembly up to 407 x 467 mm²
  • Wave soldering up to 320 x 430 mm²
  • Selective soldering up to 300 x 450 mm²
Component spectrum for SMD assembly
  • Chip from 01005
  • Melf from 0102
  • All SO, SOT, PLCC
  • QFP up to 55 x 55 mm and Pitch 0.4 mm
  • Plug connectors
  • BGA
  • Flip-chip
Automatic assembly of wired components
  • Axial components up to d x l = 4.5 x 18 and raster ≤ 22.5
  • Radial components up to d x l = 10 x 16 and raster ≤ 2.5; 5.0 and 2 x 2.5
  • DIP up to 20 pin/300 mil or 40 pin/600 mil

All other components are manually set. Plug connectors are pressed in.